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Dear Parents and Guardians,
On behalf of my committee and all the members of Shree Saraswati Education Trust, it is my pleasure to present before you Saraswati International School, a dream turned into reality. I hereby invite you to go through the entire content in detail, to understand the enormous resources and efforts we continue to put in to make this dream take new form and shape.
SIS has successfully made the mind set shift from the traditional classroom mould to a new generation teaching system. Come in and see how the spirit of your child is nurtured through a new style of learning that involves actual experience and curiosity building without the boredom of studying.
Here at SIS, we want our children to share in the exuberance of the growing years. Having observed the atmosphere and the interactions, I can say with full conviction that our Principal, Teachers and Staff go out of the way to make the children feel academically stimulated and emotionally secure.
We take the best educational practices and learning systems across the world and adapt them to suit your children and equip them for their future.
In SIS, we ensure that your child is equipped to deal with new challenges of this boundless world. We believe in a 'CAN DO' philosophy which is transmitted from the foundation of SIS i.e. Shree Saraswati Education Trust.
Let’s come together and forge ahead with a vision to academic and human excellence. It is my strong conviction that youth alone is empowered to pull the country out of morass and place it on a pedestal where strength, progress and peace prevail.
Welcome again to Saraswati International School. Please read on to know about the institute in detail.